[asa] WG1 IPCC Chapter 1 - More Scientifically Erroneous Statements

From: Janice Matchett <janmatch@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun May 20 2007 - 18:25:55 EDT

More of the REAL inconvenient truths. ~ Janice

Click here http://climatesci.colorado.edu/ and scroll down to:

May 18, 2007
WG1 IPCC Chapter 1 - More Scientifically Erroneous Statements

Climate Science has selected two errors in
<http://ipcc-wg1.ucar.edu/wg1/Report/AR4WG1_Ch01.pdf>Chapter 1 of the
2007 WG1 IPCC Report to highlight in this weblog.

These are

1. They write [snip]

2. The second error (and it is a big one) is their unsubstantiated claim that

"Projecting changes in climate due to changes in greenhouse gases 50
years from now is a very different and much more easily solved
problem than forecasting weather patterns just weeks from now. To put
it another way, long-term variations brought about by changes in the
composition of the atmosphere are much more predictable than
individual weather events." [from page 105]

This is a remarkable claim, and forms the basis of the entire IPCC concept.


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