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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Sat May 19 2007 - 15:15:23 EDT

At 09:19 PM 5/18/2007, Jack wrote:

>Where does this idea that there are souls "appropriate to our
>species" come from? ~ Jack

@ The idea probably originates from fantasyland - the TV Series,
"Buffy the Dragon Slayer". They take issue with The Council of
Watchers who are also involved in demon metaphysics, because they
won't admit that there are some demons that are benign and/or just
very large predators - no more ''evil'' than animals.

See the episode
Conditions" for a clear implication that many or most demons have
souls appropriate to their species.

~ Janice ... " intrinsic part of the secular left's agenda is
to reduce Intellect (which is the means by which human beings may
know Truth) to mind and mind to brain, making it a wholly material
epiphenomenon. However, "Like any physical attribute, if the human
intellect is not yoked to and governed by the Higher Intelligence, it
runs amok and eventually goes crazy. It's taken some time to get
there, but currently, the spiritually bereft intellect is basically
in charge of most of the world's influential institutions, which of
course means the world is in deep stew.
.." Continue:

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