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>I know that I am dense, but I suspect that the "I can call spirits from the
>vasty deep" is supposed to be some kind of insult, but I dont get it.

It isn't an insult but a literary allusion whose import is, "Talk is cheap."
In Henry IV, Part I, Glendower claims, "I can call spirits from the vasty
deep," to which Hotspur replies,"Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will
they comes when you do call for them?"

> Perhaps divine is too narrow a term, I mean that part of us which is, or
> potentially is, immortal.

Yes, definitely potentially or, perhaps better, conditionally. God alone is
immortal in an absolute sense.

> I will end this on my part by saying that God creates creatures, and Man
> through ordinary means, but that in Man alone God endows/gifts/inserts
> some other, (whatever you want to call it,) immortal/divine entity, and
> that in each case it IS miraculous/supernatural. And even though I think
> what I am saying is consistent with the creeds, the confessions, and is
> otherwise orthodox, I dont have the resources or time to prove it. But
> thank you for pressing me on the weaknesses of my poition, that is what
> forums like this are for.

Yes, the view that human beings have a conditionally immortal soul which is
separable from the body & which is created directly by God is a quite
traditional one. I am not saying that it is completely without merit, &
certainly not that it is heretical. OTOH there is no compelling theological
or scientific argument for it & there are problems with it.


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