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1st, my point was that Paul is speaking in those vv of I Cor.15 about people
will be in the resurrection in contrast to our condition now. It simply
isn't about a contrast between our present condition and that of our
pre-human ancestors - about whom Paul seems to have known nothing.

2d, just saying "it seems much more likely" carries no more weight than "I
can't believe that ..."

3d, yes, the parallel between the embryological & evolutionary development
of the human is worth exploring here. Back in the 4th century Gregory of
Nyssa (in "On the Making of Man", Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second
Series, V) interpreted the creation of humanity in Genesis in that way (&
thus comes close to some kind of evolutionary picture.) But that doesn't
mean that there had to be divine "intervention" (as distinguished from
cooperation).Again note that I'm not saying that there wasn't such
intervention - I'm not the one being dogmatic here.

4th, the 1st fruits of the divine come from the Holy Spirit.


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. In any case it
>isn't legitimate to apply this to the development of the present form of

I think it does. Just as a soul had to appear at some
point during the stages of human evolution, souls have to
appear at some point during development. A spiritual
ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny so to speak.

My argument is that it seems much more likely that there
is an intervention, an event, a supernatural occurence,
that produces both the first soul, and every individual
soul since then. Especially since now that our bodies are
corrupted, where else would this "firstfruits" of the
divine come from?

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