Re: [asa] pursuing objectivity in the classroom (Global W.)

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Fri May 18 2007 - 12:03:08 EDT

At 11:48 PM 5/17/2007, Merv wrote:

>"...Janice,... You are keenly in tune, it seems, only with
>skepticism directed towards large government and grant-funded
>university projects. Much of that ire is well-deserved, I don't
>doubt. But it isn't the case that the b.a.u. folks are helpless or
>above being "motivated" to promote only certain slants of truth. ..." --Merv

@ Oops! "only", huh? I should have added one other tip so that your
students won't misunderstand and jump to the same conclusion you did.

I left out the most important tip of all, which if ignored, will
render moot all of my other tips:

Tip #4: "Intelligent people who have no contact with higher reality
are without question the most dangerous people on earth. Because of
their intellectual pride, they are prone to overestimate the
abilities of their puny intellect, as if they are fit to pronounce on
all manner of things about which they possess no knowledge at all.
There is no ignorance like educated ignorance, since it is the
license for imprudent action. " ...
Alignment With the Real

Leaving aside the supposed "truth" of the scientific evidence for
AGW, or the supposed "validity" of the "peer review" - - which
undoubtedly none of your students are qualified to critique or
comment on, that leaves them one other way - if they're _wise_, to
shorten their "short list". They may eliminate - or assign little
weight to - the "policy positions" of those scientists on their list
who are secular humanists/atheists and Gaias.

~ Janice

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