From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Fri May 18 2007 - 08:36:48 EDT

On May 18, 2007, at 5:49 AM, Bill Hamilton wrote:

> While I agree with the statement, as far as it goes, I don't think
> I'd sign it if I were a member of the ISU faculty, for the
> following reasons
> 1) It's part of the political vendetta against Gonzalez. After
> things cool down, I might sign it, provided my second objection is
> remediated:
> 2) As it stands the petition could be seen as advocating that all
> discussion of intelligent design should be verboten. As Ted has
> pointed out, id has a legitimate place in philosophy of science.

Even as someone who holds to methodological naturalism and
demarcation I wouldn't either for the same reasons. Randy, in our
discussions with the AAAS DoSER they need to understand how truly
damaging such in-your-face statements like this are. As I said
previously there is a very real possibility that this might seriously
damage the tenure system itself. Yesterday, Ward Churchill's lawyer
threatened a civil rights lawsuit if things don't go his way. Avalos
and Patterson in their zeal for atheism in the name of science are
blindly leading my alma mater into a conflagration that might very
well consume it. As the pro-ID and pro-science forces lock horns in
their respective warfare models they are trashing the neighborhood
with both faith and science losing. I resent this being made into a
litmus test. I can support good science like the proper use of
methodological naturalism and I can support scientists of faith like
Dr. Gonzalez, but I cannot support either this or analogous litmus
tests presented by the ID camp. In my humble opinion neither should
the ASA because that path is marked by destruction.

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