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Vernon -

For you to keep saying "I'm sure that you would agree ..." when you have no reason at all for such assurance borders on bearing false witness. In fact I do not remotely agree with your claims or with your whole approach. Please stop doing this.

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  As a Christian theologian I thought you should be aware that the textual congruency of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 is confirmed by numero-geometrical association based on the original Hebrew and Greek readings of these verses. The matter is explained in Part 1 of my series, "Themes from Creation's Blueprint".

  Again, as a physicist, you'll find Part 2 of this series equally arresting for it transpires that, in addition to the principal universal constants, 'pi' and 'e', 'fine structure' too is included within the same numero-geometrical complex.

  The relevant pages are, respectively, http://www.whatabeginning.com/Themes/Part1/BP.htm and http://www.whatabeginning.com/Themes/Part2/BP.htm

  I'm sure you would agree that these 'coincidences' - taken together with those that have been reported over recent months - provide us with a greatly enhanced view of our Creator, and suggest a host of logical inferences which we would do well to discuss within this forum, and elsewhere.



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