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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 11:37:25 EDT

> I had asked a week or so ago how to think of the first "soul infusion." A
> pure TE approach must (I think) regard it as a process; as humans evolved
> succeeding generations possessed "more" of a soul than their ancestors.

This raises the question of exactly how one defines TE. One could
believe that the physical origins of humans are fully describable by
evolution, while also believing that God at some point in the process
inserted a soul. ("Inserted" in this context suggests a dualistic
view, but I do not mean to imply either dualism or monism in
particular; rather I want to convey intervention-style action to
achieve either .)

Even if one views the development of a soul as proceeding more by
"supernatural law" rather than intervention-style, it's conceivable
that at a certain degree of mental complexity or other factor, a
qualitative change in the spirituality can occur. Certainly it seems
unlikely that clams, despite their appeal on other grounds, have much
in the way of spiritual capability. They have ganglia but no brain.
Cf. Konrad Lorenz's comment in King Solomon's Ring that talking with
butterflies would be very boring. This does not prove that thresholds
exist but does highlight the need for a certain level of mental

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