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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 08:14:34 EDT

At 11:29 PM 5/16/2007, PvM wrote:
><quote>..But how impressive is this really? and
>what can be concluded from the subsequent years
>of observations?....But can we say that this
>proves the model is correct? Not
>quite. ...Hansen stated that this comparison
>was not sufficient for a 'precise assessment' of
>the model simulations and he is of course correct. </quote>
>Good stuff, showing how science slowly unravels the mysteries. ~ Pim

@ :)

"...Can science be wrong? Sure. Has science been
wrong before? Sure. Will science be wrong again?
Possibly but less and less likely. .." ~ Pim -11:58 PM Monday 2/5/2007

"...Today's forecasts of sea-level rise use
climate models of the ice sheets that say they
can only disintegrate over a thousand years or
more. But we can now see that the models are
almost worthless. .." ~ Jim Hansen February
17, 2006
Has The IPCC Produced A Hydra?


Comment #8 Fergus - Thank you as usual for your excellent comments.
With respect to your question, the IPCC WG1
report has several clear errors. I have weblogged on these;

Column Published Entitled “Scientific Errors With
the IPCC Statement for Policymakers”

Error In The 2007 IPCC Statement For Policymakers
On The 2005 Global-Average Radiative Forcing

Science Errors (Or, At Best Cherrypicking) In the
2007 IPCC Statement For Policymakers
We are also working on documenting the exclusion
of peer reviewed papers in the WG1 report which
differ from their conclusions. Our analysis so
far indicates that they failed to be inclusive on
the citation of important climate change science.
There are also only a relatively few climate
scientists who actually wrote the WG1 report; see

Many Climate Scientists Were Involved With
Writing the 2007 IPCC Statement For Policymakers?
Comment by
Pielke Sr. May 8, 2007 @ 7:24 am
~ Janice

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