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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 06:55:14 EDT

Yes - the point of my suggestion was not to solve the problem but to say why it may not really be a problem.

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    George (who, like Terry and others on this list who make me think) noted:

    "1) It may be that "event or process?" is a false dichotomy. In discussing the origin of consciousness (& perhaps by implication "soul"), Teilhard suggested the metaphor of a phase change. Heating a pan of water is a continuous process - the temperature of the liquid rises gradually. But when it reaches 100 C there's an abrupt qualitative change from liquid to vapor. "

    This analogy may be helpful in visualization, but it does not seem to solve the problem. On the macro scale, melting or vaporization appear to be an "event."But on the micro side, (to the individual H2O molecule, it is just part of the process.

  Which is exactly why I took the position that it was an event and a process. I think the "phase change analogy" is a great one for this very reason.

  -David Buller


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