[asa] Hansen's 1988 projections

From: PvM <pvm.pandas@gmail.com>
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 23:29:24 EDT


<quote>At Jim Hansen's now famous congressional testimony given in the
hot summer of 1988, he showed GISS model projections of continued
global warming assuming further increases in human produced greenhouse
gases. This was one of the earliest transient climate model
experiments and so rightly gets a fair bit of attention when the
reliability of model projections are discussed. There have however
been an awful lot of mis-statements over the years - some based on
pure dishonesty, some based on simple confusion. Hansen himself (and,
for full disclosure, my boss), revisited those simulations in a paper
last year, where he showed a rather impressive match between the
recently observed data and the model projections. But how impressive
is this really? and what can be concluded from the subsequent years of

Good stuff, showing how science slowly unravels the mysteries.

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