Re: [asa] Event or process

From: David Buller <>
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 21:31:08 EDT

On 5/16/07, Carol or John Burgeson <> wrote:
> George (who, like Terry and others on this list who make me think) noted:
> "1) It may be that "event or process?" is a false dichotomy. In
> discussing the origin of consciousness (& perhaps by implication "soul"),
> Teilhard suggested the metaphor of a phase change. Heating a pan of water
> is a continuous process - the temperature of the liquid rises gradually.
> But when it reaches 100 C there's an abrupt qualitative change from liquid
> to vapor. "
> This analogy may be helpful in visualization, but it does not seem to
> solve the problem. On the macro scale, melting or vaporization appear to be
> an "event."But on the micro side, (to the individual H2O molecule, it is
> just part of the process.

Which is exactly why I took the position that it was an event *and *a
process. I think the "phase change analogy" is a great one for this very

-David Buller

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