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David O wrote:

> I would not sign it, even aside from these objections, because of the
> context in which it was brought. No document should be interpreted apart from its
> context. The context of this document was a sustained attack on a Christian
> by an atheist, not merely a neutral, scholarly statement about ID. The
> document must be read in the context of that attack.

One problem is that we have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Just looking at the document, it is hard to know what I might
have thought. If it had turned up during the Dover matter,
perhaps I might have unwittingly signed it. If I didn't notice
that it was aimed at any particular person, I might have signed
it. I share the attitude that the integrity of science should
be upheld, and might have signed it for that reason. Finally,
there is a "have you stopped beating your wife" statement in
there. It is "....and reject efforts to portray Intelligent Design as
science." By refusing to sign, I might wonder if I am implying that I fully
agree with ID. My own personal position with it is "let them take it where
goes, but as far as I can tell, it is not going anywhere." But were I
sitting as
a junior faculty member waiting for my tenure at a place like that, the power
of peer pressure would surely be a temptation where anyone could err.

It shows that documents outside of lawyers <grin> also need to be read very
carefully. Moreover, I see again that loving the Lord with all your heart is

the only way to be moral here; and even that, only by Grace.

If the signer knowingly was aware that this was directly aimed at a
individual and the signer had not bothered to learn anything about him and
trusted the words and accusations of "authorities," that is something that
crosses the line. However, one can still goof because it can come in more
subtle ways, and in fact, the worst is when there is a mixture of truth with
deception. People are often hard pressed for time, and sometimes don't see

by Grace we proceed,

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