[asa] Event or process

From: Carol or John Burgeson <burgytwo@juno.com>
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 17:24:09 EDT

I had asked a week or so ago how to think of the first "soul infusion." A
pure TE approach must (I think) regard it as a process; as humans evolved
succeeding generations possessed "more" of a soul than their ancestors. A
PC, however, must necessarily regard it as an event; the baby which first
possessed a soul had parents who did not. Or -- the first person with a
soul was created suddenly. Either way, an event.

George (who, like Terry and others on this list who make me think) noted:

"1) It may be that "event or process?" is a false dichotomy. In
discussing the origin of consciousness (& perhaps by implication "soul"),
Teilhard suggested the metaphor of a phase change. Heating a pan of
water is a continuous process - the temperature of the liquid rises
gradually. But when it reaches 100 C there's an abrupt qualitative
change from liquid to vapor. "

This analogy may be helpful in visualization, but it does not seem to
solve the problem. On the macro scale, melting or vaporization appear to
be an "event."But on the micro side, (to the individual H2O molecule, it
is just part of the process.

George also commented: "2) The problem of "different degrees of
'soulness'" may not be that serious. If God's purpose for creation does
indeed have "all things" in view & not just H. sapiens then perhaps it's
not necessary to find some way of isolating our species as spiritually
unique. God relates to each species - & vice versa - in a way
appropriate to it."

That makes sense. But still, it does not answer the question.

As to animals in heaven, there does appear to be horses and birds. (Rev
19). I continue to believe that my lab "Blue" will be there too. I find
no scripture warrant otherwise.


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