Re: [asa] Revisiting an ID critique

From: PvM <>
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 11:37:06 EDT

Or even in its Christian form?
Somehow I remember something St Augustine wrote :-)

On 5/15/07, Michael Roberts <> wrote:
> The confusion between id and ID sometimes comes out on Pandas thumb where
> the likes of Polkinghorne and Gingerich have been taken by some posters as
> bad as Dembski or Morris.
> On Uncommon Descent the discussion on Tipler a few weeks ago who with fine
> tuning would be id (non-theistic) they tried to claim him as an ally for ID
> But invincible ignorance is hard to counter whether in its YE, ID or atheist
> forms
> Michael
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> Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 4:42 PM
> Subject: Re: [asa] Revisiting an ID critique
> Jim Armstrong wrote:
> "...The first is the shift away from capital letters in "Intelligent
> Design..."
> a few years ago, Owen Gingerich started talking about "intelligent design"
> with lower case i and lower case d as being the foundational concept of a
> Creator that all Christians would affirm, while "Intelligent Design" with
> capital I and D referred to the ID movement with a particular approach to
> detecting design in nature. I think that's a very helpful distinction,
> though you have to listen carefully sometimes to distinguish the case of the
> letters. Confusion between the two concepts and the tendency to move
> seamlessly from one to the other during a discussion are the sources of many
> disputes and misunderstanding.
> In your note, are you suggesting that the lower case is now being
> increasingly used to signify what had been upper case ID? Can you point to
> some examples? Such a tendency would only serve to further obfuscate the
> discussion.
> Randy

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