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Thank you for an excellent comment. To me this sums up what both ASA, CIS
and similar groups are trying to do.

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> Don Calbreath wrote:
>> 4. The recent conversations with AAAS and ASA must have been very
>> comforting to the secular folks in AAAS (I have not seen anything
>> specific
>> about what was said in the conversation). My guess would be that they
>> know now that they have co-opted a major Christian organization and can
>> now get on with the task of eliminating any talk of God being involved in
>> the world. If I am wrong, please let me know.
> Yes, Don, you will be pleased to know that you are wrong on this point.
> What
> they know now is 1. they urgently need to oppose the view that science
> disproves the existence of God or is in any way antithetical to theism in
> general and Christianity in particular, 2. Christianity is not opposed to
> science and knowledge gained through the scientific methodology. It is
> opposed to the inappropriate naturalistic philosophies that are sometimes
> extrapolated from science. 3. there are organizations of Christians in
> science such as the ASA with whom they can work to help educate Christians
> that science isn't anti-theistic and to inform scientists that Christians
> are not anti-science.
> Randy
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