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From: Jack <>
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 21:58:45 EDT

I am sure that no one on this list would disagree with the idea that Man is
unique among Gods creation, that Man is created in the Image of God.

I think that the message of the Bible as a whole teaches that Man differs
from animals in KIND not in degree. I do not think that the Bible teaches
that there are increasing degrees of "soulness" in creation with Man being
the ultimate. I think Man is something else entirely.

Maybe the trichotomists have it right. Created things can be of body,
spirit, and soul. Material non-living things, rocks, air, water, are only
physical, only body. Material living things from microbes to mammals, are
body and spirit. They have the breath of life, they are living. I would
even include man's mind, since it can nearly be reduced to an emergent
property of neural complexity, as part of the body/spirit.. But Man is of
three parts, body, spirit/mind, and soul. The soul is eternal, it is
capable of conscious existence outside of the body, possibly it is the
source of free will. I do not know how it manifests itself in the physical
world, but Man is only complete when he is whole in body, spirit and soul.

So like the triune God, we are also in three parts, and maybe that is what
it means to be made in Gods image.
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> Jack wrote: "I am sure that animals do not have eternal souls, that is
> exclusively mans"
> On what grounds is this claim made?
> Curious Burgy
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