Re: [asa] Muggings and the tenure process

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 20:48:34 EDT

On 5/14/07, <> wrote:
> Let me reiterate that this denial of tenure smells fishy to me also, based
> on what little I have read. But let's not be too quick to assume. I think
> Christians in the U.S. are way too quick to trumpet claims of persecution
> -- leading to a "boy who cried wolf" effect that makes it harder for those
> who are legitimate victims to gain credibility. Maybe Gonzalez is in that
> legitimate victim category, but if so those defending him need to be
> judicious and accurate in the things they say.

If it is the case that this truly is viewpoint discrimination and the
defense of him is accurate, the crying wolf syndrome in the Christian
community in the past really hasn't helped his case. The false impression
that is created in the pews is that there is massive persecution going on
when there isn't. I'm not assuming anything. I just want to make sure that
the possible politics of personal destruction are taken into consideration
by the ISU president when considering the appeal, among other things. As
such, it has been hard to ferret out the real story because as Pim noted,
Gonzalez' CV needs to be reconstructed. This means none of us knows as Paul
Harvey put it the rrrrrrrrrrrrest of the story. So, I will be encouraging
the ISU president to take the ongoing character assassination by campus
atheists into account. That doesn't mean that Gonzalez will get tenure but
hopefully it means the process is a fairer one.

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