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Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 17:36:23 EDT

(JPim wrote(B

(J> For a wide range of opinions see for instance Denyse O'Leary on a(B
(J> young gifted astronomer(B
(J> d.html(B
(J> arguing that this is all a dark conspiracy against ID, Christianity(B
(J> etc or Ed Brayton on the brutal realities of tenure(B
(J> (B
(J> Brayton describes the 'adventures' of Sean Carroll who was denied(B
(J> tenure even though he had quite an impressive publication record, etc.(B
(J> (B
(J> (B

(JQuite likely, the truth lies somewhere on one side or (B
(Jthe other of the middle. (B

(JI do think it best you stay off of his involvement in(B
(JID when questioning his credentials. In general,(B
(Jscientists spend their life on their work, and(B
(Joften sacrifice family, friends, relations, (basically(B
(Jlife) trying to push ahead their career. If we start(B
(Jimpugning involvement in harmless extra curricular (B
(Jactivities, and I would consider the intellectual(B
(Jpersuit of ID harmless, then we also can expect (B
(Janyone else who seeks a life outside of science, such as (B
(Jcampaigning for some cause, or playing in an orchestra,(B
(Jor spending time with the boy scouts or any other(B
(Jactivity that keeps the scientist from always worshiping(B
(Jhis/her job, we are all in trouble. You wonder if(B
(Juniversities ever ask what they expect a scientist(B
(Jto do after he/she retires, having sacrificed family,(B
(Jhobby, and self all to the great god.(B

(JWe have all sinned, and surely, working long enough(B
(Jin one place, much can be claimed on anyone.(B

(Jby Grace we proceed,(B

(J (B

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