Re: [asa] Guillermo Gonzalez mugging

From: PvM <>
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 12:18:56 EDT

For a wide range of opinions see for instance Denyse O'Leary on a
young gifted astronomer
arguing that this is all a dark conspiracy against ID, Christianity
etc or Ed Brayton on the brutal realities of tenure

Brayton describes the 'adventures' of Sean Carroll who was denied
tenure even though he had quite an impressive publication record, etc.

On 5/14/07, PvM <> wrote:
> On 5/14/07, Ted Davis <> wrote:
> > For the time being, however, I state uncategorically my anger and
> > disappointment about this academic mugging. I am more than a little annoyed
> > by Pim's efforts to suggest that Guillermo was not a top junior
> > scientist--give it a rest, Pim, his record is far more impressive than that
> > of most young scientists at similar universities. Having followed events
> > there in recent years pretty closely, it is clear to me that this results
> > from "viewpoint discrimination" of the most vicious kind. No one at Cornell
> > or Oxford or Harvard initiates petition drives to ensure that the public
> > does not think the university endorses the religious interpretations of
> > science advanced by Sagan, Atkins, Dawkins, Wilson, or anyone else on those
> > faculties. It was simply outrageous that Avalos did this to
> > Gonzalez--utterly and completely outrageous--and it has led to this, IMO.
> I understand how you may reach your conclusion and I am sure that
> Gonzalez's ventures into ID land did not have a positive effect on the
> decision to not give tenure to Gonzalez. But before jumping to
> conclusions about whether or not the rejection was based on viewpoint
> discrimination, it seems relevant to determine how Guillermo's
> contributions stack up to the requirements of the university as well
> as how they compare to other candidates, such as Martin Pohl, who
> started two years after Gonzalez and was awarded tenure.
> I understand why you may believe that there was viewpoint
> discrimination and perhaps you are right. So far, I have not seen
> sufficient data to make such a conclusion. I have seen people trying
> to argue that Gonzalez's publication record should be sufficient to be
> awarded tenure but that is based on a flawed reading of the tenure
> requirements I believe. A publication record is but one aspect of the
> equation.
> By the 28th, the president of the university will have to make his
> final decision. Perhaps we shall find out more by then, or afterwards.

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