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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 11:20:19 EDT

> We really run into problems if Christ's
> miracles MUST fit within our understanding of how he normally works.

Yes; we also run into problems if we assert that everything we think
might be miraculous CANNOT fit within our understanding of how HE
normally works. If we can establish both of those principles, then
it's possible to speculate on how a particular event was achieved
while maintaining the two principles that God is at work in everyday
processes while also occasionally working in some other fashion. I've
seen the claim that one ought to always claim the more impressive
miracle when God is involved. Of course, it's an open question
whether being able to violate natural law or being able to control
everything such that natural law achieves a particular result is mroe
impressive. However, the more serious problem is that we are called
to be witnesses, not PR agents. Truthfulness, not impressiveness, is
the goal (cf. I Cor. 1-4).

It's also very rare that we have enough data to conclusively say what
method was used. Swapping wine from somewhere for the water is no
less a violation of physical law than creating wine ex nihlo. One can
rule out some rather silly claims (e.g., modern-day purportedly
psychically achieved miracles, readily reproduced by those skilled in
sleight of hand; claiming that Elijah was pouring lighter fluid rather
than water over the altar).

As to the analogy with creation, the wine gave the appearance of
suitable age to be choice wine, but Jesus didn't create little labels
for the jars saying "Chateau Naboth, 20 A.D." or other non-functional
components associated with age.

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