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There is a link below to a delightfully interesting article about Carolinus Linnaeus. I visited Linnaeus' garden in Uppsala (desribed in the article) in the summer of 1986 while doing work on medieval manuscripts at the University of Uppsala. The gardens are truly lovely as well as historically interesting. I also visited the tomb of Linnaeus in the Uppsala Cathedral. Also, that other fascinating scientist and mystic, Immanuel Swedenborg, is buried in a place of honor there.

Bob Schneider

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            TRAVEL | May 13, 2007
            Family Travel | In the Footsteps of Linnaeus: A Vast Garden of Knowledge, Still Blooming Today
            By RICHARD CONNIFF
            In London and Uppsala, the story of Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, the man who named all living things.
                  1. Your Money: A Contrarian on Retirement Says Wait
                  2. In God, Distrust
                  3. The Critical Years: Middle School Manages Distractions of Adolescence
                  4. Op-Ed Columnist: Earth to G.O.P.: The Gipper Is Dead
                  5. The Greatest Mystery: Making a Best Seller

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                              From acclaimed director Mira Nair and based on the best-selling novel, THE NAMESAKE is a universal, multi-generational love story. Now playing in select theatres.
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