Re: [asa] Papers from colloquium

From: PvM <>
Date: Sun May 13 2007 - 14:58:52 EDT

On 5/12/07, Rich Blinne <> wrote:
> On May 12, 2007, at 10:25 PM, PvM wrote:
> > Remember that ID will never give anything more than a just so story
> > while science has all the opportunity to provide the data to support
> > their positive mechanisms.
> I didn't mean to imply that science only provides just-so stories but
> that it does so sometimes. I agree with you that so far ID has only
> provided just-so stories.
> >
> > David Buller asked "Could you expound on the last statement?"
> >
> > <quote>In other areas more relevant to this group, it seems plausible
> > that religiosity may have been a side effect of a selective process, a
> > spandrel of evolution so to speak. As a Christian I find these
> > findings inspiring as well as in harmony with religious faith.</quote>
> >
> > The research which indicates that religious beliefs may have an
> > evolutionary foundation, whether adaptive or as a spandrel, indicate
> > to me that 1) religious faith is known to all 2) that finding the
> > religious faith was an outcome of a long path of evolution and hardly
> > be seen to be trivial 3) religious faith may be unique to humans.
> >
> > More later...
> >
> LOL. And now you just provided an example where science is providing
> a just-so story.

Did you miss my reference to 'the research which indicates'... Is this
a just-so story? In the end all hypotheses are just-so stories, in
this case however an expanding amount of research is showing support
for this position. And remember that I was addressing how I personally
believe science can be reconciled with my faith. Of course that is in
the end a just so story. Thank God for that

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