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From: Vernon Jenkins <vernon.jenkins@virgin.net>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 18:18:26 EDT


You have spoken recently about _integrity in the practice of science_ - and others have since offered their views on this theme. Personally, I see that for the Christian this must surely mean taking a more _rounded_ view of things than is common among our secular brethren. After all, why should we continue to go along with their understanding that _the natural_ is all there is? I believe there can be no real integrity in our deliberations as scientists unless, and until, we reject this fiction. For us, a better way of putting things must be that we all share a committment to integrity in our search for _truth_ - and that _must_ accomodate the possibility of acts of a supernatural agency.

Something you wrote on May 4 caught my eye. Responding to Janice, you correctly said, "If something is True, it ought to be admitted whether or not it supports one's political, theological, or metaphysical view." I am therefore puzzled by the fact that matters brought to the attention of this forum by myself, from time to time, which are _manifestly True_ - are not admitted (even by yourself); are not properly considered or discussed. It would appear that such examples of non-biological ID are _anathema_ to what one would normally term _the rational mind_ - not just here, surprisingly, but in _all_ organisations which have a`stake in the origins debate. The consensus opinion, apparently, is that God either cannot, or is not permitted to, do such things! We, therefore, are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths - in the process, turning reason on its head - to deny Him the ability, or privilege, to act as He wills.

Now, don't you find this extremely odd? It would appear that the phenomena to which I allude represent an 'acid test' of the depth of one's _real_ committment to scientific integrity. For if what is obviously _True_ cannot be accepted as _fact_ then, clearly, our committment as Christians to the reality of God's Being and Sovereignty is on very thin ice indeed - and, correspondingly, our spiritual condition is much worse than we could ever have imagined.



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