Re: [asa] ASA Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, anyone going?

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 16:09:11 EDT

Sadly I wont be there as I am going to an International History of geology
conference in Bavaria and giving a paper on clergy geologists (Anglican)
Dave young will also be there and Martin Rudwick. Nearby is the Solnhofn
quarries where archaeopteryx was found. It is important to chip away at the
myth that Christians cant be geologists and the nonsense emanating from AIG
that geology and deep time is the result of the atheist enlightenment.
Perhaps even Denyse might approve of me going as in a small way I will be
tackling opposition to Christianity

I live about 120 miles south of Edinburgh near Lancaster so if anyone is
passing through call in. however we wont be around till 8th August as that
week I am taking some Harvard students round Wales again to look at Darwin
sites. If you look at a map Lancaster is almost on the main route from
Glasgow to Manchester and the south and we are only 2 miles from the
motorway junction.

Is anyone else bar Arie going to the History of Science conference for
Hedley Brooke on 23-7 July?

30 mls from us are both the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales which are
incredible National Parks of mountainous country. The scenery is some of the
best in the world. I would be able to give advice on good walks, either flat
or mountainous. Though few mountains are more than 3000ft they are often
serious ventures if the weather turns bad which is often. Having done
serious hillwalking in Uganda, South Africa (Drakensberg, Table Mountain and
the richtersveld) the Alps, Madeira and Canadian Rockies, Sierra Nevada,
Black hills and in S Carolina and some little canyon gouged out by Noah, I
will not allow anyone to denigrate our fantastic mountains. They have given
me some wonderful days. I reckon it is better to spend more time in one area
than rush through the lot, rather like the comedy film about American
tourists "If it's Tuesday it's Brussels".

Come October we hope to be visiting the Carolinas and hopefully climb Mt


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>I plan to attend the Edinburgh meeting. The program (both the posted
> program of invited speakers and the contributed papers that have not been
> officially posted yet) is outstanding. A lot of leading scientists,
> historians, and engineers will be presenting in their areas of expertise.
> Walter Bradley's 9-paper symposium on appopriate technology (using simple
> engineering to serve basic human needs in various parts of the world) is
> dynamite. There will be an even larger block of papers on
> history/philosophy of science. Also several papers on neuroscience and
> another nice block on stewardship. Many of the speakers in both parts of
> the program will be new voices to most ASA regulars--highly qualified
> people
> like Lydia Jaeger, Jim Hofmann (who participates on this list, though he
> is
> usually quiet), Dave Unander, Don Petcher, Jason Rampelt, John Hodges,
> Arie
> Leegwater (the new editor of PSCF), Joan Centrella, John Houghton
> (pronounced "Hutton"), Nigel Cameron, Simon Conway Morris, etc., etc. For
> a
> full list of the invited plenary speakers, go to
> I know that Edinburgh in early August is an expensive place to visit, but
> if you can manage it, don't miss it. I really expect this meeting will be
> the best we've ever had. A lot of talent will be on display, and a lot of
> great ideas and spiritual enrichment to partake of.
> (I've deliberately left out mentioning lots of ASA regulars who are also
> on
> the program. I simply wanted to highlight some of the people whom most of
> our members have probably not heard in person before. A few of them have
> spoken in our meetings before, but some never have and many rarely have.)
> If you are simply considering joining the ASA, or if you are a long time
> member who hasn't been to an annual meeting recently, this is the one you
> want to come to.
> Ted
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