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The basis for ASA membership covers the whole gamut from those interested in science to practicing scientist. It is awarding of fellows that some criteria may be in play. In addition, publishing in PSCF goes through the usual peer-review scrutiny. Therefore, I do not see why a YEC should be banned from ASA. This is essentially, what is written in last page in any issue of PSCF.




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ASA stands for integrity in science. YECs trash science. Why are they
welcome? Are non-Christians welcome? Are members of Satanic cults
welcome? Muslims? Hindus? Why not just welcome everybody regardless
of religious beliefs or attitudes toward science?

IDers are and should be welcome. They are theists and respect science
even though they have a theory that does not qualify as science.

I would be against mentioning YEC at all. Tell everybody what we
believe, include earth age and biological evolution too if you like, and
those who believe as we do are free to join. Simple.

Dick Fischer, Genesis Proclaimed Association
Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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Bill Hamilton wrote:

> I would vote for an ASA policy that said essentially
> 1. All ASA members pledge to treat Christian brothers respectfully
> 2. YECs are welcome in ASA. However, the ASA accepts the current
> geological estimates of the age of the earth and biological evolution
> 3. The mission of ASA includes teaching sound science in the Christian

> community

As I have thought about it and seen the responses my take is that Bill's

suggestion is much better than the one I made namely:

If the issue ever comes up for a vote, probably in the end I would opt
for excluding YEC at least from voting membership especially considering

that they have formed their own organizations to deal with origins.

UcD does not seem to have been treating TEs at all respectfully IMHO and

that is not just in posts but in headline articles that have been
affirmed or written by the blog owners.

Dave W

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