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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 14:24:20 EDT

Dick greatly overstates the case. Christian YECs are - well, Christian.
They are not Satanists &c. As I have said before, we should not try to
expel them from ASA. There would be nothing gained by such a move & if
nothing else it would create bad PR which would probably cancel out whatever
benefits we might gain in increased credibility. It's hard for me to see
why any would want to remain members of an organization which had taken an
official position against them on this issue but if they choose to stay (or
for that matter, join), let them.


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> ASA stands for integrity in science. YECs trash science. Why are they
> welcome? Are non-Christians welcome? Are members of Satanic cults
> welcome? Muslims? Hindus? Why not just welcome everybody regardless
> of religious beliefs or attitudes toward science?
> IDers are and should be welcome. They are theists and respect science
> even though they have a theory that does not qualify as science.
> I would be against mentioning YEC at all. Tell everybody what we
> believe, include earth age and biological evolution too if you like, and
> those who believe as we do are free to join. Simple.

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