Re: [asa] ASA Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, anyone going?

From: Robert Schneider <>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 13:05:34 EDT

My wife and I are looking forward to what looks to be an excellent meeting.
See you there, Ted.

Bob Schneider

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>I plan to attend the Edinburgh meeting. The program (both the posted
> program of invited speakers and the contributed papers that have not been
> officially posted yet) is outstanding. A lot of leading scientists,
> historians, and engineers will be presenting in their areas of expertise.
> Walter Bradley's 9-paper symposium on appopriate technology (using simple
> engineering to serve basic human needs in various parts of the world) is
> dynamite. There will be an even larger block of papers on
> history/philosophy of science. Also several papers on neuroscience and
> another nice block on stewardship. Many of the speakers in both parts of
> the program will be new voices to most ASA regulars--highly qualified
> people
> like Lydia Jaeger, Jim Hofmann (who participates on this list, though he
> is
> usually quiet), Dave Unander, Don Petcher, Jason Rampelt, John Hodges,
> Arie
> Leegwater (the new editor of PSCF), Joan Centrella, John Houghton
> (pronounced "Hutton"), Nigel Cameron, Simon Conway Morris, etc., etc. For
> a
> full list of the invited plenary speakers, go to
> I know that Edinburgh in early August is an expensive place to visit, but
> if you can manage it, don't miss it. I really expect this meeting will be
> the best we've ever had. A lot of talent will be on display, and a lot of
> great ideas and spiritual enrichment to partake of.
> (I've deliberately left out mentioning lots of ASA regulars who are also
> on
> the program. I simply wanted to highlight some of the people whom most of
> our members have probably not heard in person before. A few of them have
> spoken in our meetings before, but some never have and many rarely have.)
> If you are simply considering joining the ASA, or if you are a long time
> member who hasn't been to an annual meeting recently, this is the one you
> want to come to.
> Ted
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