Re: [asa] ASA Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, anyone going?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 12:01:55 EDT

I plan to attend the Edinburgh meeting. The program (both the posted
program of invited speakers and the contributed papers that have not been
officially posted yet) is outstanding. A lot of leading scientists,
historians, and engineers will be presenting in their areas of expertise.
Walter Bradley's 9-paper symposium on appopriate technology (using simple
engineering to serve basic human needs in various parts of the world) is
dynamite. There will be an even larger block of papers on
history/philosophy of science. Also several papers on neuroscience and
another nice block on stewardship. Many of the speakers in both parts of
the program will be new voices to most ASA regulars--highly qualified people
like Lydia Jaeger, Jim Hofmann (who participates on this list, though he is
usually quiet), Dave Unander, Don Petcher, Jason Rampelt, John Hodges, Arie
Leegwater (the new editor of PSCF), Joan Centrella, John Houghton
(pronounced "Hutton"), Nigel Cameron, Simon Conway Morris, etc., etc. For a
full list of the invited plenary speakers, go to

I know that Edinburgh in early August is an expensive place to visit, but
if you can manage it, don't miss it. I really expect this meeting will be
the best we've ever had. A lot of talent will be on display, and a lot of
great ideas and spiritual enrichment to partake of.

(I've deliberately left out mentioning lots of ASA regulars who are also on
the program. I simply wanted to highlight some of the people whom most of
our members have probably not heard in person before. A few of them have
spoken in our meetings before, but some never have and many rarely have.)

If you are simply considering joining the ASA, or if you are a long time
member who hasn't been to an annual meeting recently, this is the one you
want to come to.


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