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From: Christine Smith <>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 11:49:50 EDT

When it comes to miracles, I rather like the
Catholic's Miracle of Lourdes approach...a group of
scientists impartially try to explain the purported
miracle using all known current natural explanations;
if they fail, the scientists conclude that the
incident was "inexplicable", which is the limit of
what a scientist can professionally say in such a
matter. They then turn it over to church officials and
let them decide whether or not it should be recognized
as a miracle of God.

Speaking of Lourdes, in my (admittedly, only limited)
search for critiques of such events and
interpretations, I have been rather shocked by the
lack of any really coherent rebuttal explanations
(which normally atheists and others love to
exploit)--not being a doctor myself, I wonder--is
there any credible evidence to suggest that the events
at Lourdes are not "inexplicable" by scientific

Christine Smith

--- James Mahaffy <> wrote:

> Bill,
> I think you are even serious. We really run into
> problems if Christ's
> miracles MUST fit within our understanding of how he
> normally works.
> Pretty soon there is no virgin birth (an affair
> would produce the needed
> sperm) and Lazarus was just in a coma. Then the God
> I worship is no
> longer really God but just a good man. Isn't that
> what the liberal
> theologian of the 30's were doing? I think that is
> why Machen did his
> graduate work on and wrote the book the virgin birth
> of Christ.
> I have said this before I think - but back in the
> 60's we had a visiting
> Christian scientist visit us at Dordt where I was a
> student and he
> seriously suggested that the water of Canna of might
> have been hard
> water to produce the needed carbon (from Calcium
> carbonate). I still
> use that suggestion when I have my students at Dordt
> think how God
> works. Another suggestion I make to get them to
> think is that you can
> explain Peter walking on water by assuming the Lord
> caused to big flat
> bottom dwelling fish to swim right under the water.
> The sad thing is
> that there are some Biblical commentaries [in this
> case I think usually
> liberal theologically] that seriously try and use
> any natural
> explanation [regardless of how implausible] to
> explain miracles.
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> >>> Bill Hamilton <>
> 05/11/07 9:35 PM >>>
> There is of course the possibility that Jesus,
> rather than creating the
> wine, simply transported it from somewhere else (and
> of course
> transported the water elsewhere)
> Bill Hamilton
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> probably no damn
> good"
> --Ernest Rutherford
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> Bob's response:
> I can appreciate why the Word made flesh might have
> aged the wine rather
> quickly, assuming "the best wine" tasted aged. One
> could say that he was
> giving a special gift to the wedding party, or
> giving a foretaste of the
> messianic banquet, or simply to "show forth his
> glory," the specific
> purpose
> that Scripture seems to indicate. But what possible
> purpose could the
> Word
> "in the beginning" have in creating an entire
> universe that gives every
> indication of being billions of years old, but doing
> it in six days?
> What
> purpose would this serve? What kind of sign (semeia)
> is this? Can anyone
> give me an answer that does not require me to take
> leave of my senses?
> Here's another difference in the YEC apparent age
> argument and the
> apparent age of the wine. By creating the wine
> miraculously in front of
> all the guests, he made its true age clear. Not so
> in the creation of
> the universe.
> -David Buller
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