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Hi Jim:

Well, actually there are not too many OECs around although I know a few,
Hugh Ross is probably best known. Most OECs disallow mutual shared
common ancestry positing miraculous divine intervention at the branch
points, whereas TEs accept natural causes for speciation. The typical
TE position on Scripture, however, is to accommodate Genesis in some way
whereas I for one take it as literal history.

Dick Fischer
Dick Fischer, Genesis Proclaimed Association
Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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> George wrote:
>>>I think the time has come to ask if ASA can continue to remain
> on the age issue.<<
> We have brought up this very thing, and ran it up the flagpole on
> list.  While I believe it would have the support of the vast majority
> ASAers and is the proper thing for us to do, it does not have the
> support at the highest level - and there it dies.  My question is:
> the membership at large rule on this or are we laboring under a
> dictatorship where only one opinion counts.
Now Dick.  If I went by the voices on the list I would have a totally
false idea of what ASA is about.  
While the garbage I saw on nightline a couple night ago did nothing for
helping the integrity in science working from a Christian perspective,
it would I think be a mistake to close our door to Christians and or
laymen who are interested in integrity in science but are not OEC.  
They are not about to influence the stance of ASA members.   I like our
statement on the web page, The American Scientific Affiliation  (ASA) is
a fellowship of men and women in science and disciplines that relate to
science who share a common fidelity to the Word of God and a commitment
to integrity in the practice of science.  The integrity eliminates the
garbage that was on nightline yet does not exclude YEC scientists who
are working with integrity and need fellowship.  We also do not want to
slam the door on evangelical laity who would interpret an exclusive OEC
as excluding their theological position.  Sure now they know most of us
are OEC but they also know we have a broad fellowship based on our
Christian commitment. 
Not sure I said it right but I have to get on my gown for graduation. 
> Dick Fischer
> Dick Fischer, Genesis Proclaimed Association
> Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History
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