RE: [asa] ASA stance

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 18:27:49 EDT

>>5. You are driving another wedge between science and conservative
Christians. You will not convince more Christians to go into science; you
will simply help many of them walk away from a story they already do not buy

TED: I doubt that the ASA, or the AAAS, or TDI, convinces many CHristians
to pursue science. Such motivations usually come from within, not from
without. Sometimes, on the other hand, books/essays by people about
science/religion can turn off people who otherwise might want to do science.
 An example, IMO, is the book, "Moral Darwinism," by Ben Wiker. What he
says in the middle of the book about mathematical science and atoms (both of
which he apparently thinks are not theologically legitimate) might well turn
off young people. That's a genuine concern that I've shared with the
publisher and on this list.<<

In addition from not turning off Christian young people who are potentially interested in
science, it would also be consistent with the evangelical mission to be able to share the gospel
with scientists who are not Christians. Unfortunately, as long as the public face of "Christianity
and science" issues is dominated by RATE workshops and crocoducks on Nightline and Dover-
type school boards, reaching out to mainstream scientitists will be about as effective as
outreach to orthodox Jews and Muslims via a Carloina pig-pickin'.

A strong statement regardig scientific integrity by ASA would make me more likely to formally

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