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Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 17:09:34 EDT

Two comments on this
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> I've been following the discussion about YECs, ID, ASA and who should be
> in it as well as all the connected issues for some time now. Let me see
> if I have everything straight.
> > 2. You want a statement about the age of the earth that does not make
> any assumptions about evolution.
Michael says; Any statement on the age of the earth based on assumptions
about evolution would be scientifically worthless and should be rejected

> > 5. Various modern theologians appear to be the major sources of your
> > Scripture interpretation (and they are all very liberal theologians).
Michael asks. Who are these liberal theologians? Most of my theological
influences have tended to be conservative including Warfield and Hodge,
Berkouwer but tempered with many others including Temple, Mascall, Yarnold,
Coulson .


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