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From: Robert Schneider <>
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 15:14:03 EDT

I meant, of course, in my response to Terry, "six days, six thousand years

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> Ted writes:
> "If the Bible requires a young earth, that's not a matter of
>> scientific integrity; it's a theological/hermeneutical opinion. And, if
>> it
>> is maintained alongside the admission that the earth does in fact "look
>> old", it doesn't misrepresent the relevant science."
> Bob's response:
> But what it does say is that the conclusions drawn by the relevant science
> are false conclusions. "All of the relevant scientific data points to an
> old universe, but so what? the scientific conclusions are not true. And
> further, we YECs will not consider that our theological/hermeneutical
> opinion is false. It must be true. Our hermeneutical opinion is not
> opinion, it is truth, whereas the correct conclusions drawn from the
> scientific data are false conclusions, opinions, really." At this point I
> throw up my hands.
> Terry writes:
> "They may not be able to pinpoint
>> it--it may in fact be "appearance of age" (I think we vastly overly
>> demonize this viewpoint--how old was the wine that Jesus created at
>> Cana?)."
> Bob's response:
> I can appreciate why the Word made flesh might have aged the wine rather
> quickly, assuming "the best wine" tasted aged. One could say that he was
> giving a special gift to the wedding party, or giving a foretaste of the
> messianic banquet, or simply to "show forth his glory," the specific
> purpose that Scripture seems to indicate. But what possible purpose could
> the Word "in the beginning" have in creating an entire universe that gives
> every indication of being billions of years old, but doing it in six days?
> What purpose would this serve? What kind of sign (semeia) is this? Can
> anyone give me an answer that does not require me to take leave of my
> senses?
> Bob Schneider

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