Re: [asa] ICR for May, 2007

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 13:37:39 EDT

> But George, the age business is a linchpin in the evolution argument. If an
> old age is accepted, then the (synthetic) differentiation between micro and
> macro-evolution essentially goes away. JimA

A lot of ID folks accept old age but reject "macroevolution", so I
don't think that's widely accepted. The argument is not that there
hasn't been time for macroevolution but that macroevolution is
impossible. Since in this context macroevolution is typically
"evolution I don't believe in" and microevolution is "evolution I
accept", the target can be shifted as needed to avoid accepting

Of course, there are plenty of specific claims (e.g., one species has
never been seen forming from another) that can be disproven.

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