Re: [asa] ASA stance

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 13:37:09 EDT

>>> "Terry M. Gray" <> 05/11/07 1:22 PM >>>writes,
among other things, the following:

However, for Christians who interpret the Bible otherwise, submission
to the authority of scripture requires them to admit that the
something is wrong with the science. They may not be able to pinpoint
it--it may in fact be "appearance of age" (I think we vastly overly
demonize this viewpoint--how old was the wine that Jesus created at
Cana?). This is not to say that we should tolerate bad scientific
arguments for YEC.

Ted replies:
IMO, it does not violate a commitment to scientific integrity, to say that
the earth looks old but is really young, on the basis of biblical
hermeneutics. The "appearance of age" position has a legion of problems
that I won't rehash here, but it does not deny that the scientific
conclusions are what they are. If the earth "appears" old, that is
consistent with saying that the scientific evidence leads to that
conclusion. If the Bible requires a young earth, that's not a matter of
scientific integrity; it's a theological/hermeneutical opinion. And, if it
is maintained alongside the admission that the earth does in fact "look
old", it doesn't misrepresent the relevant science.


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