Re: [asa] ICR for May, 2007

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 10:26:41 EDT

At 10:10 AM 5/11/2007, Jack Haas wrote:
>The ASA council makes these decisions - they
>represent us. Make sure who you are shooting at.
>Their names are on each issue of PSCF. Lobby them. ~ Jack Haas
>Dick Fischer wrote:
>>George wrote:
>> >>I think the time has come to ask if ASA can
>> continue to remain silent on the age issue.<<
>>We have brought up this very thing, and ran it
>>up the flagpole on this list. While I believe
>>it would have the support of the vast majority
>>of ASAers and is the proper thing for us to do,
>>it does not have the support at the highest
>>level and there it dies. My question is: does
>>the membership at large rule on this or are we
>>laboring under a dictatorship where only one opinion counts. - Dick Fischer

@ A "council/committee" arrives at "one"
opinion. In other words, it's no different than
the IPCC statement, ie: it is necessary to be
willing to pretend it's possible to "integrate
truth with error" in order to obtain a
"consensus" so that the [fill in the blank] may "move forward".

~ Janice ... providing the latest edition of BSR. :)

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