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We already implicitly specify the integrity of scientific study, so what
seems to me to be needed is a statement that science provides full
evidence for the antiquity of the earth and universe along with a
statement that there is no absolute commitment required for membership
beyond the theological.

On Thu, 10 May 2007 22:49:21 -0400 "Jack" <> writes:
That would be incomplete. If left the way you stated it would be
senseless. How can some admit old age on one hand and hold to a young
age on the other? There would have to be another statement explaining
how "some Christians" resolve the conflict.

I think we need to make a firmer stand and claim that not only the
physical evidence supports an old earth, but that biblical
interpretations that claim that the earth MUST be young, are incorrect.
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George wrote

A good deal has been made of the fact that there are a few scientifically
trained YECs who are honest about the fact that present-day science
points to an old earth but who themselves believe in a young earth
because of their theological position. It might be unfortunate if they
had to leave ASA because of the organization taking an old-earth position
but that may be the prcise for organizational integrity and credibility.
& there have always been intelligent fellow Christians who didn't meet
the criteria for membership.

Possibly we could enable some of these folks to stay in, if our policy

1. The physical evidence points to an old earth
2. We recognize that some Christians, while admitting the above, hold to
a young earth on Scriptural grounds

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