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Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 22:44:05 EDT

Strengthened organized voice on the age issue would be good -- I'll add
my amen to that along with this cautionary note. In whatever way it is
done (presumably in some "official" way) we will want to make sure the
message doesn't get misrepresented in the press so as to imply: "the
ASA has *finally* come around to accepting an old-earth. We members
may all know that what we are discussing would merely be an official
affirmation of an already long accepted position held by nearly
everybody in the ASA. But you know how a headline can be read: "ASA
endorses geological antiquity ..." which, to the casual reader, may
have the opposite effect -- far from strengthening credibility -- it
leaves the impression: "you mean they are only just now coming around
on that??!!!" All I'm saying is proceed with care on wording any press


Robert Schneider wrote:
> Not being a natural scientist myself (holding ASA associate status as
> a social scientist), I would want to let those trained in the former
> like George to take the lead on this issue. Yet, even as a layman, I
> think that the portrait of an ancient universe and earth 4.6 billion
> years old is so factual as to be beyond refutation. I also think that
> the ASA needs to utter a stronger voice in the conversation about the
> relationship between religion and science. I believe that it would
> strengthen its bona fides with the larger scientific community by
> taking a clear and unequivocal position on this issue. I think it also
> needs to take this stand for the sake of the larger Christian
> community. We are one and perhaps the only organization of Christians
> in the sciences in the USA that can speak truth to this issue, and we
> need speak it to the churches. It takes courage to do this, as many of
> you can already attest, but as a group we have a model before us in
> our own society. Bob Schneider
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> I think the time has come to ask if ASA can continue to remain
> silent on the age issue. This is merely an academic discussion,
> as shown by the upcoming opening of the AiG museum. We really
> have to ask if the organization is acting in a responsible way if
> it allows such blatant, well-financed & well-publicized activities
> to mislead people and give Christianity a bad name among the
> scientifically literate without speaking out.
> It is very important to realize that official acceptance of an old
> earth would _not_ mean taking a official stance on biological
> evolution.
> A good deal has been made of the fact that there are a few
> scientifically trained YECs who are honest about the fact that
> present-day science points to an old earth but who themselves
> believe in a young earth because of their theological position.
> It might be unfortunate if they had to leave ASA because of the
> organization taking an old-earth position but that may be the
> prcise for organizational integrity and credibility. & there have
> always been intelligent fellow Christians who didn't meet the
> criteria for membership.
> Shalom
> George
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