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From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 22:27:47 EDT

This subject has come up repeatedly over the past few months (maybe longer, but I was off the list for a while) I personally am torn by this issue, because when I joined ASA I was still somewhat sympathetic to creationism. The fact that ASA officially took no position on controversial issues like evolution made it a bit easier to read PSCF without being suspicious that I was being fed a naturalist agenda.

However, over the years as I've watched the contortions the YECs go through to make their views seem plausible I've come to the conclusion that the ASA is not doing anyone any good by not taking a position on the age of the earth. The science is solid and we ought to admit it.

Evolution is a little bit trickier, but again the evidence for common descent is pretty solid, and an understanding of evolution is important for knowing how the immune system works, studying bacterial development of resistance to antibiotics, studying the evolution of influenza viruses, etc.

I would vote for an ASA policy that said essentially

1. All ASA members pledge to treat Christian brothers respectfully
2. YECs are welcome in ASA. However, the ASA accepts the current geological estimates of the age of the earth and biological evolution
3. The mission of ASA includes teaching sound science in the Christian community

Bill Hamilton
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In my second sentence below I mean of course, "This
is NOT merely an academic discussion ... ."



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  I think the time has come to ask if ASA can
  continue to remain silent on the age issue. This is merely an
  academic discussion, as shown by the upcoming opening of the AiG museum.

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