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From: David Buller <>
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 22:04:05 EDT

Would you please inform us on the list when the essay is complete? I'd
really enjoy to read it! I enjoyed your essays on evolution.



On 5/10/07, Robert Schneider <> wrote:
> I am in the process of writing an annotated essay on young earth
> creationism. While the essay necessarily must *highlight* YEC positions to
> keep it from being unduly lengthy (and besides there is quite a bit of
> information out there dealing with them in detail), I have read a cross
> section of YEC arguments for a young earth and universe, from appearance of
> age to shrinking suns to decelerating radioactive elements or the speed of
> light. In every case I am hard put to accord any scientific value to any of
> these arguments. This is aside from false claims against evidence
> and arguments for an old earth and universe one often finds in YEC
> literature (and they are numerous). All of these arguments, for YEC and
> against criticisms or opposing evidence, serve only one purpose: to justify
> a particular biblical interpretation for a young earth. Some have labeled
> YEC science as "bad science"; I think as it is presented to the Christian
> community and to the public, it is worse than that.
> Not being a natural scientist myself (holding ASA associate status as a
> social scientist), I would want to let those trained in the former like
> George to take the lead on this issue. Yet, even as a layman, I think that
> the portrait of an ancient universe and earth 4.6 billion years old is so
> factual as to be beyond refutation. I also think that the ASA needs to utter
> a stronger voice in the conversation about the relationship between religion
> and science. I believe that it would strengthen its bona fides with the
> larger scientific community by taking a clear and unequivocal position on
> this issue. I think it also needs to take this stand for the sake of the
> larger Christian community. We are one and perhaps the only organization of
> Christians in the sciences in the USA that can speak truth to this issue,
> and we need speak it to the churches. It takes courage to do this, as many
> of you can already attest, but as a group we have a model before us in our
> own society.
> Over the past year we have seen a growing consensus within the leadership
> of the evangelical community to take a strong stand on caring for creation,
> despite the objections of popular voices like Jerry Falwell and James
> Dobson. People like Richard Cizik and Rick Warren, and many others, are
> speaking up and urging evangelical Christians to act. Let them serve as a
> model of active truth telling for the ASA. Both would be speaking of the
> creation: one of caring for it, us of understanding it. Both would be doing
> God's work in the world. God is not served by silence in the face of those
> who are preaching to God's people a truly false portrait of the creation. It
> has taken twenty years or more for leaders in the evangelical community to
> respond to the dire need for creation care. Perhaps it would take longer to
> educate Christians about the nature of the creation, specifically its age.
> But it would not be too soon for this association of believers to begin the
> task as an organization.
> Bob Schneider
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> I think the time has come to ask if ASA can continue to remain silent on
> the age issue. This is merely an academic discussion, as shown by the
> upcoming opening of the AiG museum. We really have to ask if
> the organization is acting in a responsible way if it allows such blatant,
> well-financed & well-publicized activities to mislead people and give
> Christianity a bad name among the scientifically literate without speaking
> out.
> It is very important to realize that official acceptance of an old
> earth would *not* mean taking a official stance on biological evolution.
> A good deal has been made of the fact that there are a few scientifically
> trained YECs who are honest about the fact that present-day science points
> to an old earth but who themselves believe in a young earth because of their
> theological position. It might be unfortunate if they had to leave ASA
> because of the organization taking an old-earth position but that may be the
> prcise for organizational integrity and credibility. & there have always
> been intelligent fellow Christians who didn't meet the criteria for
> membership.
> Shalom
> George

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