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From: David Buller <>
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 18:40:06 EDT

I would like to point out several aspects of my view of the *human* soul.

1. The human soul is seperate from the body.
2. The human soul is capable of *existence* separately from the body. For
example, Genesis 35:18 refers to physical death as the separation of the
soul from the body. Matthew 10:28 says that in physical death, the soul
continues to exist independent of the body. These passages make it plain as
day that the soul is separate from the body.
3. The human soul is a non-corporeal, eternal entity. Once again referring
to Matthew 10:28, the soul cannot be destroyed by man, only by God. Because
there is a part of us that cannot be destroyed by natural means (death,
etc.), it certainly seems to follow that it is a part of us that was not
formed by natural means.

To those that believe that the human soul is the product of natural
processes, why is it that the product of natural forces can somehow be
independent of it's natural "formational agent" (i.e., body) and also
indestructible by the same and other natural forces?


You said: "There is no indication in biblical teaching that human souls can
exist independently of bodies. If the teaching is not there, I can't point
out in detail that it's not there; if you think it's there, it's up to you
to demonstrate it."

See the above; I do not see how you can possibly say this in light of
Matthew 10:28. If the body can be destroyed and at the same time the soul
is not destroyed, then the soul is *obviously* existing independently of the
body. Passages such as Genesis 35:18 *define* physical death as the
separation of the soul from the body. Yes, the teaching is there, and I
have demonstrated it.

You also said: "All the rest, including souls, is evolution."

How can a natural cause (evolution) generate something that cannot be
destroyed by natural causes? How can a natural cause generate something
that is capable of eternal spiritual existence? I am a TEist, but I
disagree with you here.

Jack's quote of Revelation 6:9 is another passage that I'd like to hear you
respond to.

David C.:

Your "phase change analogy" is quite interesting, and I would see it as
compatible with my view. However, if you use the analogy to say that our
eternal nature (human soul) has a natural basis, this would be pushing the
analogy too far. When heated water goes through the phase change, the
product of this phase change is still a natural substance, and therefore,
yes, it can be created by natural processes. The human soul is different
because it is non-natural and eternal, and therefore must have been created

Natural (e.g., evolution) creates natural (e.g., religious instinct,
biological structure), supernatural (e.g., God) creates supernatural (e.g.,
human soul, angelic beings) and/or natural (e.g. creation of wine out of
water), but natural (evolution) cannot create the supernatural (human soul).

This is my view, and (as far as I can see) the biblical view.

-David Buller

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