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From: Carol or John Burgeson <burgytwo@juno.com>
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 10:30:11 EDT

Bill Hamilton commented: "While I agree that development of spiritual
awareness could have been a process, IMO there has to be a definite,
discrete step at which God turned human into man. Otherwise there could
be all different degrees of "soulness" existing at the same time."

Usually I agree with Bill but not this time. At least I cannot rule out
the process approach on the basis of Bill's argument.

I see no problem (theologically) with the process approach where the
afterlife is granted to all who came before Adam -- just as it MUST be
granted to at least certain animals.

As I noted earlier, the presumption that "soul" refers to something real
may be at the root of our difficulties on this subject.

Consider an analogy with the human reproductive process. Some hold that a
"soul" is infused by God at the "moment" of conception. Assuming this to
be true, and assuming "innocents" are granted heaven, it follows that
heaven is 50% populated by persons who died in the first two weeks after
conception. Possible, of course, but it does seem strange. Again, the
"soul" concept seems to play a sticky part.

Note that I do not argue any other position other than one of seriously
considering all options.


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