Re: [asa] crocoduck on ABC Nightline

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 08:28:59 EDT

This sort of thing is so easy to ridicule and so unnecessary that it has to
just make your stomach hurt. It seems to me that this is a really, really
key area in which the ASA could make a major difference with relatively
little resources: do we have a public relations package and well-defined
press liaison? When I worked at a big law firm, I was quoted several times
in the NY Times, Wired, etc. on patent and copyright law questions -- not
because I was the best expert in the country, but because the firm had a
marketing guy who cultivated a few contacts in the press and convinced them
to call me, and I was ready with an appropriate sound bite. My experience
-- no offense to any journalists here -- was that reporters were so busy and
pressed for time that they were thrilled just to find a warm body who could
say something that sounded half-intelligent.

The ASA could produce a brief info backgrounder for the press, identify five
or six well-qualified folks with various specializations who could speak
broadly and intelligently, and -- most important -- make a regular effort to
keep this informtion in front of reporters and producers on the "religion"

Another key here, I think, is to get the idea of local ASA sections off the
ground. First, such groups can purposefully pray about opportunities to
relate true and faithful perspectives to the world. And, such groups create
relational networks that lead to such opportunities.

On 5/10/07, Craig Rusbult <> wrote:
> Tonight, ABC Nightline had a debate between the Rational Response Squad
> (atheists) and The Way of the Master (Christians: Ray Comfort and a former
> child actor, Kirk Cameron) who claimed it was easy to PROVE the existence
> of God.
> Cameron criticized evolution by asking why scientists had never found a
> transitional form like a croco-duck (as illustrated in a painting he held
> up for the camera) that was a transition between a crocodile and a duck.
> Sigh.
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> Craig
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