Re: [asa] Event or process

From: Jack <>
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 06:05:14 EDT

Perhaps, but I think the bible also clearly describes a transitional state between physical existence on earth, and eternal resurrection in a new "spiritual body"; a state of disembodied conscious existence.

An example would be the "souls of those who had been slain" under the altar in Rev 6:9. They are dead so the are not in their physical bodies, they are awaiting resurrection, and they are conscious because they called out in a loud voice. They are neither in heaven or hell, but in sheol (hades.)
  I obviously didn't make my point clear: The biblical teaching is that God saves people--soul and body joined, not souls in isolation from their bodies. People experience heaven or hell in their bodies, not as disembodied spirits.



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