Re: [asa] Focus

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 21:59:16 EDT

>> Prof. B nods sagely in assent. "Yes, you have to be concerned that they
>> just don't have the focus to succeed."

Reminds me of when I got engaged, 37 years ago to the day last night. My
mother-in-law-to-be advised my fiancee that I might turn out to be the best
physicist or the best husband, but not both. Either one would require
pre-eminent FOCUS! At the time, I indignantly and brashly claimed otherwise
but I'm afraid she had a point. I can't claim to have achieved either goal
but nevertheless the message that single-minded dedicated FOCUS is required
for success in many (I won't say all) cases has stuck with me.


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