[asa] Darwinian brownshirts?

From: PvM <pvm.pandas@gmail.com>
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 16:20:58 EDT

Things are getting sillier and sillier at UcD

<quote author="Denyse">If anyone catches these people, they should be
made to remove all that stuff at their own trouble and expense. If
they can't afford regular advertising, that's most likely because
their cause isn't popular. Unpopularity does not give them a right to
deface public property.

Or am I whistling down the wind here? Is the point that Darwin's
brownshirts can do whatever they please?</quote>

followed by

<quote>It is NO "slur" to refer in such terms to the sort of people
who contemptuously deface public property while promoting their
private worldview.

They are making a statement: That they are entitled to appropriate and
deface public assets.

If they are tolerated, the next stage is intimidation. </quote>

Antg responds as follows

<quote>Denyse, I guess thats better, but not much… I will leave it to
your journalistic judgement and ethics.</quote>

The sad argument of Darwinism is eugenics is KrystalNacht is
responsible for the holocaust shows the vacuity of ID not just as a
scientific concept but also as a philosophical concept.

The question to us Christians is: Do we stand up against ID to oppose
their vacuous science, their dangerous theology and their
irresponsible philosophy?

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