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More dinosaur tracks, confirmed by a Ph.D. in aerodynamics. Perhaps he recognized these as flying dinosaurs (the dragons of medieval times, according to Ham and Morris) who alighted once in a while. Long enough for a native to paint it along with other petroglyphs. He must have been quite a fine painter to accurately depict a partiucular genus.

According to McIntosh's historical reconstruction two of each kind of dinosaur was taken aboard the ark, though he doesn't claim that they were dinosaur eggs, as some have. As about 500 genera of dinos have been catalogued, and I assume many more species, I wonder how they were stacked along with all the other land genera/species? (Did dinosaur eggs need to be incubated?)

Michael, please join me in, what? laughter? a groan? indignation? disgust? sorrow? compassion for those led astray by such stuff? All of the above? I cannot possibly respect such nonsense even if I respect those taken in by it.

We have a Christmas Tree orament of Noah's Ark with giraffes, lions, hippos, doves on the roof, and a couple of other animals., with a smiling Noah sticking his head out the window. It is charming and we and our grandchildren love it. I sometimes meditate on the story of Noah, but it has become hard for me to brush out of my mind the really silly YEC ad hoc explanations that come out of taking the story literalistically and historically. It was so much easier when I could simply reflect on it theologically, where its ultimate meanings lie.

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  This has just appeared on the AiG website today:

  Now am I allowed to laugh at it or should I treat it with respect?


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