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That is an interesting antedote. And I see that your
point is that he had a masters degree in Divinity. Have
you experienced similar situations where the masters
degree was in something along the lines of say,
literature, or music, or history, or art that these
professors had the same concern or do you think it was
specifically related to religion?

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> A true story.
> I'm sitting on the graduate admissions committee for the
>physics department
> at a major research university. Across the table, fellow
>committee member
> Prof. A is perusing the file of an applicant who is on
>the bubble. Prof. A
> turns to Prof. B next to him and says, "Did you see this
>one? The student
> has a Masters degree in Divinity."
> Now, you know me. Not really the Divinity-School type.
>But still, I'm
> thinking, that's interesting. Shows a certain
>intellectual curiosity to
> study religion and then move on to physics. There's some
> tradition<>there.
> But Prof. A shakes his head slowly. "I would really
>worry about someone like
> this, that they weren't devoted enough to doing
> Prof. B nods sagely in assent. "Yes, you have to be
>concerned that they just
> don't have the focus to succeed."
> The student didn't get in.

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