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Focus <http://cosmicvariance.com/2007/05/09/focus/>
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A true story.

I'm sitting on the graduate admissions committee for the physics department
at a major research university. Across the table, fellow committee member
Prof. A is perusing the file of an applicant who is on the bubble. Prof. A
turns to Prof. B next to him and says, "Did you see this one? The student
has a Masters degree in Divinity."

Now, you know me. Not really the Divinity-School type. But still, I'm
thinking, that's interesting. Shows a certain intellectual curiosity to
study religion and then move on to physics. There's some successful

But Prof. A shakes his head slowly. "I would really worry about someone like
this, that they weren't devoted enough to doing physics."

Prof. B nods sagely in assent. "Yes, you have to be concerned that they just
don't have the focus to succeed."

The student didn't get in.

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